Curled Wire Brads
by Becky Zec
Project Presented by Red Castle, Inc.



Each headpin will make two brads.
Clip head off of headpin with wire cutter.

Cut wire in half with wire cutter each approx. 1" long.

Use round nose pliers and bend one end of wire into a curl.
Bend wire near base of curl at 90 degrees.
Use 1/8" hole punch to punch your craft project and insert uncurled end of wire through project layers.
With finger hold curled end next to first layer.

Use round nosed pliers and bend straight end of wire into another curl. Wire will be a V shape with curls at both ends.

Pinch curled ends together to snug all layers close together

Note form Phil

After seeing Becky's curly wire brads, I started thinking about making other shapes, and how to do it. I am going to try this soon, but if anyone trys it first let me know, send scan, ets.

I'm thinking that if one takes a piece of wood say a few inches long and 1/4" on a side and cuts a slot in the end, you could make any shape that you can cut the wood stick. In the picture, the red shows where I will cut when I make my special shapes.

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