September 2000
Simply Squares
Designed By Judi Kauffman

I thought it would be fun to juxtapose the Flying Seeds and small Sand Pictures in a project where soft natural forms would meet square, geometric patterns. Turns out, they were made for each other!


Red Castle FIT IT CD - Flat Flap Box template

Sand Pictures Plate 3 #42377 (see below)

Flying Seeds #42090 (see below)


  1. Select your favorite Fit It flap type box template. I chose one with a squared off look, but any style will work.
  2. Change the box measurements to a square cube (height, width and thickness match), or make any shape you prefer, and print out templates in assorted sizes on lightweight computer paper.
  3. Adhere template to back of Stamp Art papers (many of the papers in this set have a definite front and back to them).
  4. Cut on solid lines. Score, fold and assemble boxes that will not be stamped, but do not score and fold the ones you will stamp till after stamping.
Stamp Sand Pictures squares in Chiffon White on darker blue boxes. Note: The ink looks pink on the pad, but changes to a soft white when it is stamped. Position the stamps, centered on sides of cube, like the medium size box, or stamp randomly, like the tiny blue box. Stamp sand art squares on dark blue paper and cut this paper in strips to use as a faux ribbon (large white box).
Stamp flying seeds on parchment card stock. Cut out seeds to use as embellishments (medium and small boxes) or cut strips for faux ribbon (small white box). Make some of the parchment card stock into shipping tags and use them to decorate a box and act as a handle on the flap. Add metallic cord, a dried seed pod, or other embellishments.

Note: Shipping tag (free) software

Use scraps to create collage cards and shipping tags. Note: There is enough paper left for additional projects, these boxes didn't require the whole package.

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