May 2000
Origami Collage Boxes
Designed By Judi Kauffman

This project is meant to inspire you to play with colorful origami paper scraps. Since no two people will have the same assortment, my instructions are, of necessity, general instead of specific. I know that if you don't have origami paper scraps, you have gift wrap, magazines, and all kinds of other scraps available. Feel free to substitute whatever is on hand.


For May Projects

Red Castle FIT IT CD

Flowers (see below) (Coreopsis, shown, or choose any stamp, floral or otherwise, that goes with your paper scraps)

Bone scoring tool and KAI(r) Scissors

Red Castle FIT IT template CD
Red Castle #42110 Flowers (Coreopsis, shown, or choose any stamp, floral or otherwise, that goes with your paper scraps)
Watercolor markers
Dye ink pad (as shown, Ranger Big & Juicy rainbow dye ink pad/Mountain Meadow)
Beads, charms or other dimensional embellishments
Waxed linen cord (as shown, Create A Craft, available at Walmart)
Craft glue
Card stock or paper (as shown, pale yellow handmade paper with silk threads)
Xyron or double-sided adhesive sheet (to stabilize a lightweight paper and make it thick enough to use for a box)


  1. Choose your favorite box or envelope template. I selected one with a straight flap, but the decision is up to you.
  2. Print the template on a lightweight card stock or run the template through a Xyron (or use double-faced adhesive sheet or glue) to affix it to the back of any lightweight paper to make it heavy enough for a box.
  3. Cut out and score the box. Fold it to "see" what areas you want to embellish with collage. Lay the box flat and arrange paper scraps (strips, triangles, torn or cut pieces) as shown or as you prefer. When you like the arrangement, glue them in place. Hint: I trace my arrangement so I can remember how it looked, then run the pieces through the Xyron before I make my final design.
Stamp, color and cut out flowers to add to front of box.
Add a tab, like on the box with flowers, or a tie with beads, like the one that is held with waxed linen cord.
"Bind" the edges of the flap with a strip of paper that covers it like a blanket binding (this adds strength and durability, as well as looking great).

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