January 2000
Stars and Daffodils
Designed By Judi Kauffman

When I received sheet #42390 GEOMETRIC SHAPES, my first thought was how much fun I'd have stamping the stars, circles, squares and triangles in bright colors. But the same shipment included sheet #42110 FLOWERS, and I gave myself a challenge -- to see if I could combine them for the first project of the year 2000. The photo mat and two cards use the same basic idea -- to stamp with a geometric shape that has been inked twice, first with a flat color or combination of colors, second with an image (in this case, the daffodil, but you can choose a different flower or grapes from #42110).

The technique is simple, and one that you will want to use again and again. If you've never tried it, please practice to gain confidence and see how it works. You can always cut your experiments into strips for bookmarks or make a few gift tags or postcards if you like them. When you practice you can also test alternative color combinations, too.

Start by inking a 1-3/4" square with any pigment ink. Dab a second color along the edges if you want to get a mottled and dimensional look. Then ink a second stamp (I used the daffodil) and print it onto the inked square. Stamp the square (with both flat color and the daffodil image) onto card stock. The result is either a soft image or an abstract pattern. If you position the daffodil stamp so you can see the flowers, you will see a picture. If you position it so that only portions of stems show, it will be abstract. The smaller shapes like the stars will be more abstract since you will see only a tiny section of the flower stamp.


For Both Mat and Cards

Geometric Shapes
Flowers - Roses, Daffodil, Pansy, Grapes and Corepsis

Red Castle #42390 GEOMETRIC SHAPES and #42110 FLOWERS
Tsukineko Ultimate Metallic pigment ink pads - HONEYDEW and BLUE
Ranger Adirondack dye ink pad - RAISIN
Scissors or craft knife
Therm O Web PeelnStick Double Sided Adhesive
Therm O Web PeelnStick Foam Squares

For Mat

Pre-cut photo mat (white)
White card stock

For Cards

Ranger ColorIt pigment ink pad - BLACK
Card stock as shown or in colors you prefer
I used a purchased Strathmore greeting card with deckle edge, handmade paper with imbedded leaves, and tan coated stock, plus white uncoated stock for stamping stars and squares



Note: The size of stars will be your choice, use larger stars for big mats, small stars for little mats. If you prefer, use the roses, pansies, grapes or coreopsis instead of daffodils.

Mount stamps with HALO loop tape, wood block and cushion, or as desired.

  1. Lightly brush mat with Honeydew ink pad, applying color directly from pad for mottled background.
  2. For a random border, stamp daffodils with Raisin ink. Let them aim inward at the sides, grow upright across the bottom, and peek up from the opening across the top.
  3. Stamp three or more sizes of stars with Blue ink.
  4. Stamp stars using two-stamp technique as follows: Ink star with Honeydew. Ink daffodil with Blue or Raisin and stamp onto surface of star. Stamp stars onto white stock, some close together, some with more space between them. When ink is dry (heat set or leave overnight), cut out groups of stars (connected) and single stars with a narrow white border. Do not clean stamps as you re-ink. The color mixing and shadow images that remain are part of what makes it interesting!
  5. Arrange stars on mat as shown or as desired. Glue some of them against mat, raise some of them (groups or individual stars) with Thermo O Web PeelnStick Foam Squares. Tape or glue photo in position. Back with heavyweight cardboard and an easel, or frame in a shadow box so stars do not get crushed.


  1. Using two-stamp method described in directions for MAT, stamp stars or squares with both a background and flower image. On tan card, different sections of the daffodil stamp are used for each of the squares.
  2. Cut out stars leaving a narrow white border. Cut out and layer squares on handmade paper (tan card), or tear them and layer them for a collage (blue card).
  3. Combine the pieces as shown or as you prefer. Note that in both cards some of the pieces are raised on Therm O Web PeelnStick Foam Squares for dimension. Add a border to a small photo and include it for a special touch.


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