February 2000
Popcorn Bucket Valentines
Designed By Judi Kauffman

The Popcorn Bucket template on the Red Castle FIT IT CD is one of the easiest and most versatile templates I've ever seen. You can, of course, make popcorn buckets and serve your favorite snacks when friends come over to watch a movie. But the bucket shape is ideal for a gift basket as well, so how about stamping up a few for your Valentines this year.

I've created two, a small one made of inexpensive uncoated white card stock that took only minutes and a larger one made of elegant handmade paper embellished with leaves and lush ribbon. It took less than an hour. Either would make an excellent gift, party favor or table decoration.

Tips for beginners


For Both Valentines

"LOVE" stamp from For Ladies - Candlesticks, Hearts and Love Plate #42160
Leaves Plate 3 #43030 (see below)
Red Castle FIT IT CD - Popcorn Bucket template

Red Castle FIT IT CD - Popcorn Bucket template
Card stock or paper in colors shown or as you prefer
"LOVE" stamp from For Ladies - Candlesticks, Hearts and Love Plate #42160
Bird with love note #SBM963
Ruler to cut and score against
Scoring tool
Craft knife, scissors with fine points
Optional: Xyron with adhesive cartridge
Colored pencils and/or markers

For Small Valentine

Berry cluster and tiny flower cut from Leaves Plate 3 #43030 (or, if you do not cut your plates up, mask well, ink and stamp only those sections)
Ranger Big and Juicy rainbow dye ink pad - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

For Large Valentine

Wire-edge ombre ribbon (blended colors)
Tri-leaf cut from Leaves Plate 3 #43030 (or, if you do not cut your plates up, mask well and ink only the leaves)
Embossing heat tool
Ranger Embossing Powder - CLEAR
Tsukineko Ultimate Metallic pigment ink pad - HONEYDEW
Gold marker or metallic ink pad


Print Popcorn Bucket template in size desired (the small Valentine is 3" high, the large one is 5".

For Small Valentine

  1. Print template directly onto lightweight white uncoated card stock or glue it to back of stock. I use the Xyron adhesive cartridge. Cut out, but do not score or fold.
  2. Stamp bird twice on front, twice on side and twice on back across top edge. Stamp "LOVE" at an angle on front and back, berry cluster and tiny flower at random inbetween. Use the blue/purple end of the Happy Birthday rainbow pad for lettering, birds and flowers. Use the pink/orange end of the pad for berry clusters.
  3. Color birds and lettering with markers or pencils.
  4. Score, fold and assemble Popcorn Bucket. Fill with excelsior or tissue, rubber stamps or other small gifts, or candy.

For Large Valentine

  1. Print template onto lightweight card stock or computer paper. Glue to back of handmade paper, fabric or gift wrap. As shown, Batik paper from Loose Ends, www.looseends.com.
  2. Cut out, score, fold and assemble Popcorn Bucket.
  3. Stamp tri-leaves ten times using Ultimate Metallic Honeydew pigment ink (more if you make a larger Valentine, fewer for a smaller one). Emboss with clear embossing powder.
  4. Color leaves with markers or pencils. Cut them out. Curl one leaf in each tri-leaf cutout around a pencil to give it dimension. Glue all but one of two of the tri-leaves across the top of the Popcorn Bucket as shown, leaving an empty space for the bow. Option: add more leaves to the sides and back if you want.
  5. Glue a wire-edge ribbon bow at an angle as shown. Glue two tri-leaves in the middle of the bow.
  6. Make a small card using stamps and colors from small Valentine (see above). Round the corners and "gild" the edges with marker or pigment ink. Glue a tri-leaf to the corner. Glue card to bow.
  7. Fill with excelsior or tissue and small gifts like soap, candy, teabags or stamping supplies.


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