December 2000
CRAZY QUILT Cards and Calendar
Designed By Judi Kauffman

Here's a fun challenge: Choose one template and two inks. Limit rubber stamps to two or three. See if you can make both Valentines and Christmas cards using these elements as a starting point.

I selected the FIT IT Frames Crazy Quilt template, plus Butterscotch and Cranberry inks (not traditional choices for either holiday) and then dipped into my stash of stickers, buttons and pre-printed papers to create cards and a calendar. For an added treat, the Valentines have wrapped candies incorporated into the design. Remember, you can change the shape of the Crazy Quilt template to match the size and shape of your candy bar!


Red Castle FIT IT Frames CD - Aztec Diamond template

square and star #42390 (see below)

hearts #42380 (see below)


General Instructions

  1. Print Crazy Quilt template on white card stock. For large Valentine, customize template to fit any shape or size candy bar or other flat gift.
  2. With Butterscotch ink, randomly stamp squares on template. Over-stamp hearts or stars using Cranberry ink.
  3. With craft knife and straight edge, carefully cut out quilt pieces and set aside for second project.

Small Valentine Instructions:

  1. Fold red card stock for card. Cut right edge with deckle scissors and color with gold marker or leafing pen.
  2. Arrange quilt pieces and adhere four of the sections on Pop Dots for dimension. Glue bottom left section flat onto card.
  3. Glue three rose buttons (or small silk or dried roses) to card. Tuck two under center section, one on top of it. Refer to photo. Add small bows as shown.
  4. Glue small candies at top of card, three tucked under quilt pieces, two layered on top.

Large Valentine Instructions:

This card is essentially a "shaker" card, open at the top so it can that can be refilled.
  1. Layer stamped template onto red card stock, leaving Crazy Quilt area open (cut away red card stock before layering). Burnish edges with gold marker or leafing pen.
  2. Cut foam core with opening above AND behind Crazy Quilt "window" -- Foam core will be a U-shape. This is different from a shaker card -- you will be able to slip the candies in and out from the top of the card.
  3. Glue frame to foam core. Embellish with rose buttons, gold ribbon bows, and a computer generated or hand done calligraphy message.
  4. Put candies behind window.
Option: Add a FIT IT Frames easel so card will stand on a desk, table or mantel.

Small Christmas Card Instructions:

  1. Fold red card stock in half with fold at the top. Layer with strip of pre-printed Pine Bough paper (or gift wrap).
  2. Glue stamped quilt block pieces as shown, with one lifting at the side like a box lid.
  3. Glue on a greeting and buttons.
  4. Tie top of card with gold ribbon.

Christmas Calendar:

  1. Layer stamped Crazy Quilt template onto pre-printed Pine Bough paper (or gift wrap). Cut out, leaving 3/8" border.
  2. Using Red Castle's FREE Calendar Software, create a calendar in your favorite font, sized to match the width of the Crazy Quilt with border.
  3. Adhere both calendar and Quilt to background (small stripes of red at sides hide the fact that it took two pieces of brown for border).
  4. Embellish with stickers, ribbon bows, message, buttons, as shown or as desired.

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