Stamped Polymer Clay Magnets
Designed By Debbie

Difficulty: Easy, Beginner level, great for kids as well as adults

Materials Needed:

Note:*Materials available on the Red-Castle website

Alphabet Stamp Collection

Designs by Jo Rango

Seashell Plates


  1. Condition Clay
    a. By Hand- work the clay like dough until soft and pliable.
    b. By pasta machine- Set the roller on the thickest setting. Run clay through machine. Fold and run through again. Repeat until soft and pliable. (6-7 times). Too avoid air bubbles, roll clay with folded side first.

  2. Stamping Clay
    a. Cover work surface with parchment paper
    b. Cut desired stamps out from sheets. Cut off as much excess rubber as possible.
    c. Roll conditioned clay through pasta machine at thickest setting or roll by hand until inch thick.
    d. Place clay on paper. Press un-mounted stamp into clay. Press stamp until you can no longer see the raised imprint.
    e. Gently remove the stamp. If the stamp is sticking, brush baking soda or cornstarch over the stamp before pressing.
    f. Cut around stamped image with bone scoring tool. g. Soften cut edges by gently tapping the edges with your finger.

  3. Dressing Stamped image
    a. Using your finger or a cloth, gently rub the mica powder over image. The trick is to not use too much powder. A little goes a long ways.

  4. Bake Clay Image
    a. Keep clay image on parchment paper and place on glass baking dish
    b. Bake according to clay directions.
    c. Brush glaze over cooled stamp. Let dry.

  5. Finish
    a. Place baked image on paper side of magnet sheet.
    b. Trace around image.
    c. Cut magnet image.
    d. Peel off paper and adhere to back of clay stamped image.
    e. YOU ARE DONE!


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