August 2000
The Glorious Gibson Girls
Designed By Judi Kauffman

The Gibson Girls stamps are so beautiful that they don't need any embellishment at all, but that didn't stop me from having a good time adding wire-edge ribbon, printed vellum, beads and leaves to my projects. After all, these lovely ladies deserve some finery.

Hint for beginners:

Much of the coloring done on the Gibson Girls is very gentle and looks like lightly applied make-up. I used colored pencils with occasional brighter color for hair or the cherub's wings. Practice getting just the right touch, especially if you add "eye shadow" and don't add too much blush to the cheeks or you might end up with a clown look.


Gibson Girls Plate 1 #42161 (see below)

Gibson Girls Plate 2 #42162 (see below)

Gibson Girls Plate 3 #42163 (see below)

Flying Seeds #42090 (see below)

Tactile Impressions I #49010 (see below)
  • Uncle Euclid's Shapes are die-cut and pre-scored card stock pieces for dimensional projects. The boxes and hanging ornament are made using the Lantern kit. Choose Textures if you want a light flannel, confetti or parchment background, or Whites if you want a brighter one.
  • To make the hanging Lantern, dab a paper towel onto Currant ink pad and apply color to five side pieces, a top and bottom piece, then stamp pieces with different (or matching) Gibson Girls. The woman in a hat (bottom left stamp on Plate 2) looks great on each of the "wedge" sections of the roof.
  • Follow manufacturer's directions to assemble and add hanging loop. Add a soft wire-edge ribbon bow at the top.
  • Stamp six side pieces for a cube-shaped gift box. Glue top piece on one side only for a hinge. Option: Punch rectangles at edges of top and add ribbon handle (1-1/2" ribbon, shown).
  • After the ribbon is through the punched holes, cut the ends into a neat V.
  • Add details with colored pencils or markers, or a combination.
Fill the box with wood excelsior or colorful tissue, add a small gift or use as a place card with a name or photo tucked inside.
  • Backgrounds for the Gibson Girls can be anything you choose.
  • Shipping tags and Gibson Girls go well together, too.
  • Make a tall narrow folded card out of peach parchment-look card stock.
  • Layer with printed vellum, solid card stock, and a shipping tag stamped with Tactile Impressions for the soft background surrounding your favorite Gibson Girl. Color with pencils or markers.
  • If you want to remove the shipping tag, the beads at the top can be a hanging loop, or sew them to the card as I've done if the shipping tag is permanently affixed.
  • Cut away the card stock out around the portrait and tape or glue vellum in the opening.
  • Raise the portrait on foam dots and layer over printed paper background cut from a gift bag.
  • If using gift wrap or bag that's light weight, layer onto a sturdy piece of white card stock.
  • Add a sheer wire-edge ribbon bow, tied at the center with a few beads or pearls.
  • Another shipping tag greeting card with printed vellum layer, a Tactile Impressions background on both the tag and the white deckle-edge card, plus foam dots to raise the tag and add dimension.
  • Instead of a bow, the ribbon can be a simple knot with Vs cut in the tails after it is threaded through the holes.
  • Lightly smoosh the ink pad onto the shipping tag (the edge forms the little diagonal lines around the face, add Tactile Impressions for background at corners and bottom.
  • Stamp a tiny heart-shaped seed pod at random, and a Gibson Girl in the center.
  • Color some or all of the leaves and add color to the Gibson Girl if you want.
  • Sew on three leaf buttons or charms, layer onto peach parchment-look card stock, and add a narrow ribbon.
THE REST OF THE PROJECTS ARE "POSTCARD POSSIBILITIES" -- a dozen different ways to use any Gibson Girl stamp plus the tiny heart-shaped seed I fell in love with. I have left them uncolored so you can decide whether and how to embellish them.
  • Top Left, stamp the seeds inside the stamp's circular border and add three at the bottom.
  • Top Right, stamp the seeds around the bottom half only, making a V like a lace collar. The outer seeds are lighter (stamped when there is very little ink on the rubber).
  • Bottom Left, circle the Gibson Girl with pairs of seeds alternating with single seeds, add a trio at the bottom.
  • Bottom Right, add a simple little swag of seeds, making the one at the tip angle in a slightly different direction.
  • Top Left, circle the Gibson Girl with seeds going clockwise, ending in a slight curl about the size of the head.
  • Top Right, a simple ring of seeds aiming with the point out (try it the opposite way, too).
  • Bottom Left, stamp a bunch of seeds falling like they might in a soft breeze.
  • Bottom Right, direct your eye along a gentle "S" curve allowing seeds to stamp off the edge at top and bottom.
  • Left, with a speckled blue card stock instead of the ivory ones, stamp random seeds to cover the background.
  • Right, stamp a Gibson Girl repeatedly, surround with seeds, and color only one of the faces (or all of them, it's up to you).
  • Left, the seeds radiate out and about, as if the Gibson Girl is dreaming and her thoughts are en route to a loved one.
  • Right, seeds radiate only at the edges, more around the top than at the bottom.


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