January 2001
A GOOD YEAR Calendar
Designed By Judi Kauffman

Make a quick and easy gift calendar for your favorite people. The sample says "A GOOD YEAR TO GO FISHING" -- with stamps selected to fit the message.

But your calendar can say "A GOOD YEAR TO -- GET MARRIED, GO SHOPPING, START STAMPING" or anything else you like! Or simply say "HAVE A WONDERFUL YEAR" and stamp all kinds of favorite images instead of choosing a theme.

The sample is an 8" square with four squares cut to form doors, but yours can be any size or shape and the doors can be replaced with open windows if you prefer.


Red Castle FIT IT Frames CD - 4 Rectangles template

Fish #42180


Select a template from the FIT IT Frames CD. Shown - 8" square with four 2-3/4" square openings, centered 1/2" from top of Frame. Print onto back of card stock or onto lightweight computer paper. If on computer paper, adhere template to back of card stock and cut through both layers.
Cut top, bottom, and inside edge of each square, leaving outer edges as a door "hinge". Use straight edge and scoring tool to accurately fold doors so they flap outward.
Center contrasting color card stock behind door openings.
Using Red Castle's FREE Calendar software, create a calendar to fit behind windows. Cut months apart and glue in place, three months per window. Calendar can randomly angle or line up in rows.
Using paper towel or stencil brush, lightly apply color from rainbow pad to white card stock. Stamp fish, letting colors from pad fall in different ways on each fish (more brown at the face, more olive at the face, etc.). Cut out fish and glue as shown. Where a fish crosses between doors, cut a strip to fit between them and continue fish onto another door if necessary. Stamp extra fish to continue inside some or all of the doors.
Carefully squeeze 3-D Crystal Lacquer onto fish eyes only. Dry flat.
With computer or handwritten calligraphy, make a block with year and message. Shown - year is 72 pt. type, message is 24 pt type. Glue block, centered, below doors.

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