February 2001
Bunny Cake Party Invitation
and Bonus Project - Hydrangea Cards
Designed By Judi Kauffman

February 2001
Bunny Cake Party Invitation
by Judi Kauffman

I've fallen in love with the versatile rabbits on Our Party Plate #3. They're nice and large, easy to large enough to cut and color, and the cakes can be topped with candles, flowers, smaller rabbits, or anything else you want. I used the candles from the large birthday cake stamp on Our Party Plate #2, but the smaller candles on Plate #3 will work, too (and you can fit more because of the small size).


Holidays - Our Party Plate #3 - #42867

Tactile Impressions III #49060

Holidays - Our Party Plate #1 - #42865


Cut lime green card stock to size and shape desired for flat or folded invitation. Make sure it is big enough for the bunny with as much border as you want.
Use paper towel to lightly smudge Foliage inks onto card to mute the color. Randomly stamp small lacy flower from Tactile Impressions sheet for background. Do not ink after every impression so some of the flowers are pale. Use the teal and olive sections of the pad (left and center sections)
Randomly stamp the word "party" between and over the flowers.
Stamp bunny on white card stock using Hydrangea pad (experiment to get the ears in the purple color area of the pad and the feet toward the teal section). Stamp candles using a stamp positioner OR cut them out (that's the easy way!).
Color the bunny and candles as shown or as desired. Cut out and glue to background.


February 2001 Bonus
Hydrangea Cards
Designed By Judi Kauffman

Plain and Fancy--Two options, both of which are quick and easy to make!


Tactile Impressions III #49060


Plain Version

  1. On ecru card stock stamp large hydrangea stamp (dense pattern) centered toward top of card stock. Make sure to ink the stamp so that it has both purple and blue ink. Our card is 4 x 6 - but the size is up to you, and you can make a postcard or folded card.
  2. Randomly stamp large hydrangea stamp (pale pattern) as a border. Use very little ink and hand pressure so it is soft and muted.
  3. Stamp small shipping tag at top left, just below the main motif, and at the bottom right (refer to photo).
  4. Dot the centers of the flowers with pale yellow colored pencil if desired.

Fancy Version

  1. Complete steps 1-3 above.
  2. Stamp large single hydrangea blossom twice on ivory card stock. Cut out and glue to card as shown (one at lower right corner of main motif, one a little higher at the left, extending off the card so that one petal gets cut off at side). Design note: One of the flowers has the darkest petal at the TOP, the other has the darkest petal at the BOTTOM (this little touch will make it look more interesting).
  3. Color flower centers and small tags using purple, pink, yellow and peach pencils.

Beginner Tips

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