How To: Witches Black on Orange

For each of the How To's it is assumed that you have clicked the "I Accept..." button.
  1. From the menu, select "Print", and then select "Print Setup...". Set the properties for your printer and click the "OK" button.
  2. Click "Select Shape" button, "Open Shapes" window will display.
  3. Select the "holiday" directory, and then select "witch01.bmp".
  4. Click "Open" to load the shape file.
  5. Click "Color to Fill Shapes" button, select your color, the sample used black.
  6. Click "Select Back Ground Color" button, select your background color, the sample used orange.
  7. Decide how large you want each tile with the witch to print, and click the up/down arrows in "Print Tile Size" Width to get the size desired. The Height will change at the same time as long as the "Square Tile" checkbox is checked (leave it checked for now).
  8. Decide how large an area on the paper you want to print, and click the up/down arrows in "Print Area" to the size you want.
  9. If there are areas of the shape that did not fill correctly, click the "Advanced Options" tab and then under "Shape Copy" select "Complex" and click the "Options" tab to return to the main options page.
  10. Now you have a couple of choices:
    1. To save the page to print later, or to import into your graphics program, from the menu, select "File" and the select either the "Save As BitMap..." or the "Save As jpg..." and enter the name and the directory of where you want the page saved. Be sure to remember the name and the directory.
    2. To print the page to your printer, make sure the printer is turned on, and from the menu, select "Print" and then select "Print" from the pull down menu. The page will print.
  11. To exit the program, from the menu select "File" and then select "Exit" from the pull down menu.

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